Creating an account/company setup in SMS Smart App

SMS App How To

Table of Contents

    Tutorial Video - Download and Install App

    Steps for Android Google Play Store
    1. Open Google Play
    2. Search for Storetraffic
    3. Install the Storetraffic app
    4. Open Storetraffic App
    5. Agree to Terms and conditions
    Steps for Apple App Store
    1. Open App Store
    2. Search for Storetraffic
    3. Get the Storetraffic app
    4. Open Storetraffic App
    5. Agree to Terms and conditions

    Creating an Account

    1. Launch the Storetraffic App previously downloaded
    2. Select Create Account
    3. Input the following Information
      • E-mail address (will be used as your login name)
      • Select a Language
      • 1st Name
      • Last Name
      • (Optional) Title
      • (Optional) Phone Number
    4. Click Submit
    5. Confirm e-mail is correct and Select Validate
    6. Open your E-mail app
    7. Find Welcome to SMS Smart App e-mail sent from
    8. Open the E-mail
    9. Note your username indicated
    10. Click Configure Password button
    11. Open URL - This will open a web browser and direct you to a website to configure your password
    12. Input/Paste username
    13. Input a password
    14. Confirm password
    15. Select configure your password - password created message will appear
    16. Toggle back to the Storetraffic app
    17. Login with your username and configured password.

    Company Setup / Business Hours

    1. Select Company Setup
    2. Input the following information
      • Business category
      • Corp Name
      • Phone number of business
      • Address information
    3. (Optional)Uncheck "Generate the First Location" if you have more than 1 location which is not in the same location as the head office. Otherwise if you only have a single location or the flagship location has the same address as the business, leave it checked.
    4. Press Submit
    5.  (Optional) If "Generate the First Location" was left unchecked, Click Add a location and repeat steps 2 and 4. for each additional location
    6. Configure business hours for the location - Pearl Device Battery Saver!
      • Select or Input Opening and Closing time with the selection wheel or input time manually.
      • Uncheck day if location is closed.
    7.  Select Save Business Hours

    Company Setup F.A.Q.

    Q: How do I edit my Company Information? A: Select Edit location from the Location options next to the location you would like to modify. 
    Q: Do I need to make an account for every location? A: A single account / login can create multiple locations.  However if you do NOT have a TMAS subscription, the account is limited to simultaneous login on 2 devices at a time ONLY.  With a minimum TMAS Standard subscription, there is no limitation on the number of users for a single account.  Additional logins can be created through T.M.A.S. 
    Q: Do I need to make a location for every device? A: For reporting purposes a location should be defined as a group of devices as it will show the sum of traffic of all linked devices on the particular location.
    Q: Where can I download the Free App? A: 

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