3DScope II - How to update device firmware

How To / Required Files

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    Process to Update Firmware on 3DScope II

    Process Requirements

    • Ability to access the traffic counter on the network through a browser.
    • Firmware update file downloaded to PC which will be used to access and upload for updating.

    Verifying the current Version

    The current firmware installed on the device can be verified in the following locations after login.

    • The current version would be located at the bottom right of the browser session access window.

    Firmware Version Files

    Determine the hardware Type

    1. Login to counter
    2. Select About
    3. Verify Hardware Type to determine which file to update with below.


    Current Firmware



    Previous Firmware



    How to Video



    How to Steps

    ** CAUTION ** Certain firmware releases may reset the counter IP back to the default of requiring it to be reprogrammed for the network.

    ** Caution ** For Firmware prior to, Upgrade from your current version to and then to 

    1. Download the firmware
    2. Login to Traffic counter through a browser http://[ipaddress] or https://[ipaddress] - for firmware after 1.9.0
    3. Select service tools from the left side menu
    4. Select start update process
    5. Browse to downloaded firmware location from step 1.
    6. Select Firmware file
    7. Click Open - File will upload then install - very important (DO NOT CLOSE BROWSER or POWER OFF DEVICE) during the update.
    8. The traffic counter will reboot automatically after the update is complete.
    9. Refresh browser to re-access device

    Release Notes

    Version - 2020-08-10

    New Features 

    • Special Mode for extended height ranges.
    • Simple Push interface
    • Additional information can be signaled via the LED to use it for simple diagnostics

    Improved Features

    • Improved Camera Blinded events
    • Track Stability, Traked people will now keep their object-ID even when performing unusual movments (ex: Bending down to take something from a lower shelf)
    • FTP Upload can now be restricted (ex: Off hours upload)
    • Full accuracy with a special mode for low height installation from a minimum height of 2m.

    Known Issues

    • When using wireless data transfer a reboot is still required after changing the configuration of the SOAP server.

    Version - 2019-04-27

    • Improved and more stable tracked object height estimation
    • Fixed - Configuration of password parameters via web browser will not be interfered by auto-password completions of the web browser.
    • Known Issue - When installing an APS-90 sensor at very low ceiling heights below 2.20m (~7 feet) the counting accuracy might be degraded. A fix for this issue will be contained in a future software version.
    • Improved - In some installations ghost objects appeared near walls or high objects. The occurrence
      of these ghosts is drastically reduced.
    • Enhancementof Multi sensor fusion
      • Up to 10 devices
      • Arbitrary heights and angles
      • Automatic configuration
      • Secured communication between sensors
      • Sensor network robust against IP changes
    • New Feature - Remote access support. Sensor can open a connection to a VPN server on demand.
    • Fixed - Changing video recording settings during an active recording does not cause a reboot of
      the device anymore

    Version - 2018-05-07



    • New Feature - Multi-sensor Fusion
      • One master sensor can be combined with up to two slave devices
      • Data transfer using identical data interfaces on master device
    • New Feature - Streaming o f videos to an external player via a rtsp stream.
    • New Feature - The web int erface shows the local time of the device in the status bar.
    • Improved - Video recording parameters can be changed via the web interface to adapt file size and
      system load. The default frame rate is reduced to 5fps.
    • Improved - The web interface now provides a possibility to check if the configured SOAP or
      FTP/SFTP server is available.
    • Improved - Changes in the push service configuration do not require a reboot anymore.
    • Fixed - Count events for adults and children were lost if they crossed the counting line before
      being classified. Now a belated count event will be generated.
    • Fixed - Adults could be classified as children, if the floor area was outside the specified limitations
      (red area). Now classification is delayed until an object is in the valid area.
    • Fixed - Time triggered recording of exactly 30 minutes duration didn’t stop.
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